Exp Kenya Case Study

Having recently rebranded, Sanlam wanted to create visibility for their new Brand identity while showcasing their various product offerings and showing appreciation to their existing customers.​ The brief for the golf property was also to build a networking platform for Sanlam and their partners.​

The idea was to Bring the Brand to life on the golf course and deliver the value proposition by putting the customers life into perspective with that of the Sanlam product offering - thus making it more meaningful and relevant to them personally.


Safaricom, Kenya's leading communication company with the widest and strongest coverage, embarked on a week of delighting it's customers in a Christmas campaign dubbed #HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs to celebrate its 16th anniversary. 

Commuters across the country woke up to Safaricom staff (CEO Mr. Bob Collymore included) at bus, train stations and airports paying fares and distributing airtime as a gesture of gratitude for being loyal to the network for the last 16 years.


Exp Kenya managed the launch event for Tuskers new communication campaign - Here's to the US in every Tusker - for East African Breweries Limited (DIAGEO).


SAFARICON 4G allows Consumers to have an internet experience that is better and faster and Exp developed a Brand Experience that brought this Brand Value proposition to life by giving Consumers a multitude of 'fast' experiences.


Exp Social Marketing was briefed to develop and execute an experiential behaviour change campaign, aimed at generating demand for Family Planning (FP) methods among women and girls. Apart from low levels of FP awareness among the target audience, deeply rooted socio-cultural beliefs and practices placed men high above women and made decision making a rare privilege for women living in underserved counties.

Results (Y.T.D.) from Exp's Strategic approach to bringing about Behaviour Change: 

65% of women and adolescents became FP users after attending a forum (against a program target of 20%).

13,624 men and Opinion leaders were reached.

90% of Leaders pledged support for the project.

75% of the Men reached pledged to support their wives to meet their reproductive health needs, against a target of 5,250 reach and 70% pledge.

7,614 of adolescents were reached & 85% of those recorded increased FP awareness as a result of attending adolescent peer educator forums against a target of 4,500 reach and 75% increased awareness respectively.