The importance of data is becoming greater everyday, to both consumers and telecommunication companies.
With that in mind, Exp Sponsorship, in South Africa, looked at the MTN8 campaign and how we could possibly drive data usage, whilst cementing MTN’s positioning in the music space... giving MTN the opportunity to integrate themselves into the consumer’s lifestyle.
The Strategy:
We fused consumer’s passions of football and music and seeded it into the market through a social media campaign that focused on creating unique authentic content that our target market would engage with.
New music, together with over 30 video clips and over 400 images, was created as content pieces of a social media toolkit for the artists.

The artists were then tasked to share this on their own platforms, creating awareness around their new songs and in turn driving more downloads.

The Results:

  • The MTN8 campaign was only 5 weeks long instead of the usual 8 weeks, and even with the shorter timeline we still managed to achieve the targets that were set out.

  • The MTN8 Blog, where the content pieces and MTN8 Callertunez were hosted, grew by over 6000%. This equated to just over 400 000 page views over the 5 week period.

  • 76% of the views and clicks were new users.

  • We had over 110 000 views on Youtube.

  • New followers on Twitter grew by over 3300 users.

  • Organic Social Media Impressions reached 28 182 149 over the 5 week period

  • Our Paid Social Media impressions reached 1 783 846 for both Twitter and Facebook.

  • We had just over 90 000 video views on Facebook alone for our paid campaign.

  • The total number of MTN8 Callertunez downloads for the 5 week period was 5 843 506 well over the target of 1 000 000