Sixth Sense Marketing

Sixth Sense Marketing is an internal process to assist Exp Kenya in being smart about the business and the Brand at hand.  By being smart, we can define the business opportunity better, from which we can develop and execute ideas that activate demand for our clients.


It consists of a set of tools that assist us in unearthing and formalising information that will lead to better management in the delivery of the business objectives, bearing in mind that the more time we have and the more tools we use in the development of the idea, the closer the idea will be to what is really required.

We believe it takes teamwork, creativity, and expertise combined with a focussed planning process to ensure thought leadership and ideas that have real impact in today’s world. Through consistent and universal application of Sixth Sense Marketing, the process and tools help us define and communicate our competitive advantage and activate demand.

Exp Kenya Strategic Approach - Sixth Sense Marketing
Exp Kenya Strategic Approach - Live+ Brand Experience Campaigns

Live  Brand Experience Campaigns


What is a Live  Brand Experience Campaign?


Simply put, it is "Brand Experiences told by the Consumer".

  • The universe is built on information that is real and relevant and this information is generated by peoples Live Experiences.

  • Through their experience, people give the information life and influence others through word-of-relevant mouth.

  • Exp Kenya develops Live events for people to personally experience a Brand and we then put the tools in place to leverage these Live experiences – amplifying reach (of the real and relevant experiences people have with a Brand) to a wider audience, thus making it a campaign as opposed to a one off activation or event.

We bring this to life by defining the live and leverage tactics of the campaign across a Live  Brand Experience Engine.